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       “The Pooster is a trailhead poster designed to tune up sensibilities of the folks venturing into our treasured Great Beyonds—all that wild country beyond conventional toilets. An educational tool that offers an enlightening nudge, The Pooster is our gift to wild places.”    

Digital files are FREE. Printing is up to you.

Kristine and Kathleen envision these educational broadsides pinned up on backcountry bulletin boards—at boat launches, trailheads, and fishing accesses—places where the notion of proper outdoor sanitation can start wriggling into people’s thought patterns and serve to stave off mandated packing-it-out.

Poosters are especially suitable for high-use public wildlands and areas designated wilderness. They are great as pre-trip reminders in outdoor equipment stores; fly-fishing shops; tourist information centers; canoe, ski, and bike rental establishments; and those many convenience stops that offer last-minute camping supplies. Or posted on the inside of a resort restroom door, where there’s a captive audience!

Poosters make perfect display partners for sales of outdoor toilet products: revolutionary new pack-it-out bags, handy backpacker trowels, feminine urinary funnels, and, of course, a stack of How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art.

Before pinning up a Pooster, please obtain permission in regions under regulation by the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, BLM, tribal land, state agencies, other local entities, or private property.

Request a free digital file (comes with printing instructions). Choose Woodsy, Southwest, or Fir Boughs design. Please talk to us about adding official logos, or customizing for your region.

About the designers:
Kathleen and Kristine are long-time river runners passionate about the same subject: nonproliferation of human poop. All over the world, backcountry spots suffer from shabby sanitation conditions. It is these wild and wondrous places that heal our modern-day harried, sagging spirits. Please join the effort to befriend Mother Nature.
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